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Do a full game. I haven't really been all that intrigued by a game on here since Gravity Duck and I like this. I'd drop the 8-bit music, though. I know it's your thang or w/e, but it really doesn't go very well with your art style, if you ask me.

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The Treeva Experience The Treeva Experience

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool but unsatisfactory... IN A GOOD WAY

I found the whole thing thouroughly enjoyable. Sure, I thought you could've done more with it but there's always the thought of doing a different project with the ideas from this project incorporated into the next. THEREFORE! It wasn't ACTUALLY unsatisfactory, to the extent of how cool it was, but then again WAS because of my lust for more. >.> In other words: I don't make sense.